Our philosophy is that nanomedicine will propel both the scientific knowledge and clinical approach to treating the most hard-to-treat and lethal cancers. The Omega Laboratory is located at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and is part of the Case Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Case Center for Imaging Research. To learn more about cancer and imaging research at Case, we encourage you to further explore the websites of our lab and its affiliated centers.

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The Omega research program integrates nanotechnology, oncology, imaging science and cancer biology. Our overarching goals are: 

- To generate fundamental understanding of the processes pertinent to the use of nanotechnology in cancer. 

- To challenge and shift current research or clinical practice paradigms by utilizing novel and impactful nanomedicines. 

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September 2016 - The Omega Nano Lab was awarded a patent describing 'multi-component nanochains' (US patent 9,439,966). Co-inventors include Stathis Karathanasis, Pubudu Peiris, and Mark Griswold. 

April 2016 - Dr. Pubudu Peiris joins the Faculty of Case School of Engineering as an Assistant Professor (research track)  of Biomedical Engineering.

March 2016 - Pete Bielecki was awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship 

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